I got a Joffles today.

Haven’t worn lolita in a long ass time, but I woke up with an urge to wear this JSK. I haven’t really got anything to coord it with, except I do like my Topshop shoes with them to accent the gold buttons, but aside from that, since I switched over to sweet mostly, I’ve got a lot of mint and pink.

Gonna see if I can try to pick up a pretty plain black or white bow today, and I need to pick up some tights to wear with it while I’m out. The ones I wanted to wear apparently had a huge run in them. Also, first time doing real hair with lolita.

Stuff on the floor, so I’m not actually tagging this woooo.

Also found the picture from Neil Druckmann earlier today. Don’t look as gross as I was, but eh. Backpack and other props are on the ground.

Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner being adorable at the Game of Thrones S4 premiere.

Should’ve uploaded this. From ThroneCon 3. Love this selfie and agnjkrag. Nail polish is still on ‘cause I accidentally spilled all of my remover ahaha. gnrjkagajnk 

btw guys MH 370 is not the TV show ‘Lost’ irl.

Also stop thinking the Iranian guys were hijacking the plane. While they had stolen passports, they were cleared of suspicion

and you wanna know how one of them was cleared?

their fucking mom called the airline because he was trying to leave Iran to live with her. He bought the passport so he could go to Germany.

I am so tired of Tumblr and MH370. How about you check Tomnod and actually help instead of creating theories based off of things that are either offensive, disproven, or both. Hijacking was not ruled out, but the Iranian guys were considered very unlikely. So stop. Just stop.


if you have a pet and i’ve ever visited your house: i’m sorry

[ 1/10 ] TV Shows - Broadchurch

— It’s not him, please. You’re wrong.
I’m not.

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It’s ofkingslanding

Do I make an instagram for this trip?