Gentle Mother, font of mercy,

save our sons from war, we pray,

stay the swords and stay the arrows,

let them know a better day.

Gentle Mother, strength of women,

help our daughters through this fray,

soothe the wrath and tame the fury,

teach us all a kinder way

Mini Quick Giveaway


Ok so this might be kinda weird but I have a little extra money this week and I promised I would give out a few things from my failed giveaway a while back. And since 90% of the people that followed me for the giveaway unfollwed me when I had to cancel it I am making a little mini giveaway. This will last for 1 HOUR.

  • Reblog this to enter. Please be following me. 
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator.
  • TWO Winners will get this :D
  • image
  • Its a Custom Gallifreyan Necklace. You can put your name or a two word phrase. 
  • I can ship anywhere. 
  • If this isn’t your fancy you can get anything from etsy for up to $15.

Ok Reblog! Time stars now!

thehuglife: Severa from fire emblem in 35 please! :)


Oh, Severa

wow so here I am on my personal tumblr again

got a large queue

it’s pretty cool

this blog will be like nothing it used to be lol

except there will still be lots of Cillian Murphy

I’ve been punished in small doses living as a Takakura. We took all the punishments, no matter how small and trivial. They’re all precious memories… That’s because the only reason I felt alive was because you two were there.
K a z a m a       C h i k a g e


sometimes all i want in life is for an anime character to share a birthday with me


"Whose friend?" 
"That's funny. It's almost like my sweet little sister just said
something mean and sarcastic about me."